Looking for an Online Plagiarism Prevention Service that Checks Writing for Inappropriate Copying? Click Here

- 13 December 2022 00:59 WIB
If you are looking for an online plagiarism prevention service, click here (Photo courtesy of freepik.com/by rawpixel.com)
If you are looking for an online plagiarism prevention service, click here (Photo courtesy of freepik.com/by rawpixel.com)

JAKARTADAILY.ID - After the pandemic, the online teaching and learning has returned to face-to-face learning, despite asynchronous learning, which allows students to learn on their own schedule, within a certain timeframe, is still an alternative to the teaching and learning process.

Jack Brazel, Regional Director of Turnitin for South East Asia, said he saw an opportunity to improve the quality of education using technology, which is now seen as an important factor to spur growth in educational institutions.

Turnitin is an online plagiarism prevention service that checks writing for inappropriate copying as well as citation mistakes.

However, Brazel said educational institutions must be able to use and make use of the right technology in order to benefits the current situation.

During the pandemics, the educational institutions were forced to pivot rapidly to develop remote learning, in-person learning and the disruption may have led to student learning losses and results in learning inequalities.

Technology use, now has helped addressed the education ecosystem with regards to acute student learning issues.

Brazel said the existence of technology can help actors in the educational sector to better plan the curriculum and meet the future demands of tech savy human resources.

"Under these 'new norms', flexible delivery of education will be key to future-proofing education. Technology can be an enabler by helping educators make curricula more reliable, improve the effectiveness of assessments, and better address different learning needs," he said.

Jack Brazel said technology can strengthen academic integrity by supporting the design of tests and examinations that measure student learning more fairly and accurately.

Furthermore, it can also help educators give students more ongoing, targeted feedback and support, to reduce the likelihood of learning shortcuts and cheating behaviours.

One way it achieves this is by empowering educators' understanding of each student's needs through data-driven insights, that can be used to develop suitable strategies to reach students and identify those at risk.

Jack also explained by a wide range of content is now readily available to students that carries a risk of misuse, such as copy and paste plagiarism.

Whether in a virtual or in-person classroom, relying on traditional, manual methods for detecting such misconduct is no longer viable.

On the other hand, digital solutions with text-matching functions can be used to identify similarity in student submissions, and flag potential plagiarism.


Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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