The Role of Literacy in Fostering A Globally Minded Generation

- 29 November 2022 15:40 WIB

Companies also hope that all employees can communicate well, cooperate with other departments smoothly, and have a positive character.

Mastery of foreign languages really supports the process of forming this competency, because students are directed not only to be good at communicating with their friends in Indonesia, but also to be able to talk, have opinions, debate and build networks with friends in other countries.

Now that world communication is very fluid, relationships between citizens are no longer hampered by geographical boundaries, but can be built through social media networks.

In the future, these students will become business people who need partners from other countries, journalists who have to interview global artists who want to promote their work in international markets, scientists who want to work in world-class research institutions, academics who are invited to be guest lecturers at foreign universities, etc.

All of this, of course, requires the competence of thinking power that is taught from an early age, as well as qualified language skills.

The combination of the ability to think critically, creatively, with emotional intelligence in building a global network, is a future investment that needs to be built while they are still in school.

Introducing language literacy from an early age is not an easy matter. Choosing the right school which is adaptive to industrial developments and able to educate a new generation that can speak multiple languages is the key to shaping a bright future for our students.

Adelina Holmes is Principal of Sampoerna Academy Pakuwon Indah Surabaya



Editor: Muhamad Al Azhari


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