IndoSterling Technomedia Says Edufecta App Aims to Bring Primary and Secondary Education to the Digital Age

- 21 September 2022 16:24 WIB
President Director of PT IndoSterling Technomedia Tbk (TECH), Billy Andrian (IndoSterling Technomedia) (Photo courtesy of IndoSterling Technomedia)
President Director of PT IndoSterling Technomedia Tbk (TECH), Billy Andrian (IndoSterling Technomedia) (Photo courtesy of IndoSterling Technomedia)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – After successfully partnering with universities across Indonesia to optimize and bring the education system to the digital age, PT IndoSterling Technomedia is now working on elevating primary and secondary schools to the modern age. 

President Director of PT IndoSterling Technomedia Tbk (TECH), Billy Andrian, said this expansion was carried out as a form of commitment to support and accelerate digitalization in the world of education in Indonesia.

"We aim to expand this market to contribute to improving Indonesian education standards. Digitalization of learning is an unavoidable need nowadays," Billy said to the media in Jakarta, on September 16, 2022.

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Billy explained that based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), students in Indonesia in the 2020/2021 school year numbered at around 45.21 million. Of these, the majority, or as many as 24.84 million (54.95 percent) are elementary school (SD) students. Meanwhile, 10.09 million students are junior high school students and 5.01 million students are high school students.

"Based on the distribution of regions, students on the island of Java still dominate the number. Based on the BPS data, Billy said the expansion and acceleration of the digitalization of education at the primary and secondary levels is a necessity that must be done," he explained.

This means, he continued, there needs to be serious attention and support in an effort to accelerate the process of digitizing education in this segment of the group, which is now being pushed by the government's policy of adopting the Learning Freedom (Merdeka Belajar) system.

One of the missions of the Learning Freedom system is to accelerate digitization. Not only related to administrative data but also digital facilities that can be used as learning resources, and learning tools and can access information that will help improve the quality of learning.

"In accordance with the main vision as a big data enabler, Edufecta will continue to build a big data pipeline in the formal education sector. This is where the process of digitizing education at the primary and secondary levels becomes important," he said.

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On the same occasion, Ucu Komarudin, CEO of PT Technomedia Interkom Cemerlang (Edufecta) assessed that the contribution that could be made through Edufecta was to make it easier for the education ecosystem to build digitalization of learning.

"Edufecta is here to build an educational pipeline to improve the quality of the academic path. It is also a solution to answer the challenges of an increasingly dynamic business world today and in the future," he said.

Edufecta is a digital product developed by PT IndoSterling Technomedia Tbk (TECH). The company whose controlling stake is owned by Sean William Henley (SWH) is a subsidiary of the IndoSterling Group.



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