Cakap Supports Equal Access to Education by Empowering Human Capital and Online Literacy

- 15 June 2022 14:04 WIB
Cakap Supports Equal Education Access. (Photo/screenshot instagram @cakapcom)
Cakap Supports Equal Education Access. (Photo/screenshot instagram @cakapcom)

JAKARTADAILY.ID – World Economic Forum stated before COVID-19, that there was already high growth and adoption in education technology, and the pandemic has driven a significant surge in usage of edutech platforms.

It accelerates how learners utilize technology-based distance education platforms like Cakap, which provides the solution way before the pandemic.

"Starting from our belief that access to better quality education is a tool that can change lives, Cakap presents by providing advanced technology that is easy and flexible, to encourage the improvement of the quality of human resources," said Tomy Yunus, CEO and Co-founder of Cakap on a press release, Tuesday, June 14, 2022.

One of four educational focuses to be discussed during Indonesia's G20 presidency is universal quality education. This focus is raised to respond to a challenge of equal education access at all levels. Entitled “Inclusion for Indonesia’s Language & Vocational Education," showcasing a continuous effort to equalize education access and to improve the skills of the nation's human resources.

The 2021 Impact Report is a collaboration between Cakap and investment platform and consulting firm ANGIN. Managing Director ANGIN, David Soukhasing expressed his appreciation, seeing how technology and innovation adoption has been significantly increased.

“The Indonesian education landscape is getting more dynamic, reflected by various innovative solutions and the shifting Indonesian learners and students responding to the pandemic,” he said.

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Throughout 2021, we are humble that Caka p has provided impacts for several parties. Cakap has reached students in 95 cities across 34 provinces in Indonesia. Various upskill classes and initiatives have also reached 350 underprivileged households, as well as those in frontier, remote and disadvantaged areas (3T).

From the employment side, Well-equipped students from the learning process in Cakap are able to achieve financial success and better positions at work. 78 percent of adult students stated that they have better career opportunities, meanwhile, 55 percent of business owners also agreed learning with Cakap has helped them to improve their profit.

Through the Cakap Teachers Academy (CTA) program, many professional teachers from all corners of Indonesia have participated in the English teaching scholarship program. Some graduates from this program have succeeded in becoming teachers and joining Cakap's teaching partners.

In addition, Cakap also provides flexible space for teaching partners, so that apart from earning a higher income.

"Since joining in August 2021, I enjoy the flexibility of the schedule, so it can still go hand in hand with my main job as a lecturer." Said Jatrifia Ongga, Cakap's teaching partner from Malang, East Java.

In addition, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu), last year Cakap provided foreign language training (French, German, Korean) to 100 state civil servants (ASN) and diplomats through 8,750 hours program equivalent to 125 online course sessions in total.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) also collaborated with Cakap by providing skills and foreign language training for 200 workers in the tourism sector spread across five priority destinations.


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