PRMN Partners With KNPI West Java to Improve Digital Literacy in West Java

- 19 February 2022 11:33 WIB

JAKARTADAILY.ID - PT Kolaborasi Mediapreneur Nusantara, or the Pikiran Rakyat Media Network, has established a cooperative relationship with the Indonesian Youth National Committee, or KNPI of West Java.

This cooperation focuses on enriching the ability of young people in West Java in terms of digital literacy to produce a competitive and competent generation in the field of writing.

The signing of the cooperation agreement, held at the West Java KNPI DPD office, Bandung, Thursday, February 17, 2022, was attended by the CEO of PRMN Agus Sulistriyono, Vice President Media Network Dadang Hermawan Vice President of IT & Operations Rahmad Maulana, Chairman of the West Java KNPI DPD Ridwan Syah Yusuf, Deputy Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility of Communications and Information Technology Department of West Java Faiz Rahman, and Head of the Youth and Sports Department of West Java Asep Sukmana.

In his remarks, PRMN CEO Agus Sulistriyono said the partnership's ultimate goal was to build young people in West Java to have skills and abilities in the field of digital literacy.

Agus Sulistriyono explained that digital literacy is vital in this technological era. The development of digital technology is currently growing very rapidly, so young people in West Java are expected to be able to participate.

For this reason, through PRMN and support from KNPI and other stakeholders, learning and education activities are devised to realize this ultimate goal.

The activities in question are a training program for six full days followed by mentoring for three months for young people in West Java to become text-based digital content creators.

Later, they will be able to independently write articles to be published in an online portal and still follow a good and correct writing code of ethics.

During the training period, Agus Sulistriyono explained, the participants will acquire various knowledge ranging from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), fast writing techniques, intricacies of the digital media ecosystem, and others.

In addition, participants who successfully pass the training will also obtain a certificate. This collaboration with KNPI will target as many as 4,400 youths in Java to receive the various training.

"A person with a certificate from PRMN is guaranteed to be able to write releases quickly. Their digital literacy will also increase. They will also understand the code of ethics for writing. They [will not unwittingly offend] any ethnic, religious, race or society groups. They won't even use the wrong diction," said Agus Sulistriyono during the event.

That is not all. Participants will also have a great prospect to make money through their writings.

"All this time, when young people want to go into business, what they have in mind is [usually] culinary, for example, or crafts. There is, however, one more area that promises results that are no less tempting, namely the expertise to create content. Therefore, we'd like to invite young people in West Java — here we have a new opportunity for [them to learn] content creation skills," said Agus.

In addition, the Chairman of the West Java KNPI DPD, Ridwan Syah Yusuf, hopes that the partnership with PRMN can produce young people who have digital literacy skills and can build economic independence.


Editor: Djauhari Effendi


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